Lender Services

Book Debt Review

Applying the skills of our collateral review team we are able to provide overdraft lenders with an overview of the projected collectability or liquidity of any assets held as security against funds out.

Stock Counts

ABL Resources can attend both cycle and year end counts to verify procedures are being followed and variances are being reported correctly to the lender. In addition we can perform specific test counts in support of the lenders own risk assessment program. This often includes satellite locations throughout UK and Europe.

Telephone Verifications

Telephone verifications are an often underused tool in receivables risk assessment. We can offer a full ledger verification or a focused exercise as dictated by the lender. We can also offer accounts payable verifications if required including telephone verification of shipments from carriers to support invoice paperwork.

Collateral Monitoring

Through our nominated partner we are able to provide on-going periodical monitoring of book debt performance.

Audit Program Implementation

ABL Resources can work with lenders looking to improve or implement new audit programs e.g. ID lenders looking to move into full ABL lending.

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