Corporate Advisory

Private Equity Firms and other Corporate entities looking to leverage their assets through asset based lending use ABL Resources to assess the feasibility of a secured lend and the suitability of the company’s staff and records to implement and maintain any facility considered. ABL Resources can perform a full due diligence to identify any potential issues prior to the involvement of lenders with a view to reduce the survey costs payable to the lender and smooth the completion of any secured lend agreement.

Borrowing Base Assistance

For those firms required to submit detailed borrowing base calculations to a lender we can offer our skill base to aid in the accurate completion of these records. This ensures the correct funding levels are in place and the reduction in errors can help to maintain positive client relations with the lender.

Facility Monitoring

ABL Resources aids firms in “combating” any facility ineligibles calculated by a lender by providing a greater understanding of the basis behind the issues present and suggesting possible mitigation for these issues.

Internal Control Reviews

Corporates, professional service firms or lenders, can request ABL Resources to provide an assessment of the controls in place at an organisation. For example, receivables health checks or inventory management procedures.

Cash Generation / Collection

Following on from the internal control reviews ABL Resources offer assistance in increasing the efficiency of credit collections procedures. This is particularly useful where a lender has put covenants in place in respect of debt turn or value of collections over a given target period.

what our clients say about about abl resources

ABL Resources have worked with Bibby Financial Services on a number of occasions, accommodating our requests for audits and surveys at short notice. Their reports are very thorough and reflect their expertise in taking a commercial approach to the review of a company’s suitability. We have received a very professional service from the team.

Ray Lowrey, Deputy Risk Director
Bibby Group of Factors

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